Ajusco, February 2009

So, we were sitting around the house during a (rare!) February rainstorm, and after it ended, Piper looked out and said she could see a snowy mountain. Turns out she was right! I researched it and found it to be Ajusco, a volcanic peak that actually comprises nearly 50% of the area of DF (el Distrito Federal) -- Mexico City proper is the oher 50%. So, we drove down there the next morning. There was not much snow (our sleds stayed in the car), but enough to make munecos de nieves ('dolls of snow').

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Looking south at Ajusco from the Santa Fe area of Mexico City. Ajusco can be easily climbed in an hour or two from the road. Reports have it that muggings are common during the week, though the weekends are more safe.
The parking lot is easy to find -- there's a nice loop around the road. On the way there, you pass Six Flags Mexico, which was the former home (under a different name) of Keiko, the orca whale used in Free Willy and resident of the Oregon Coastal Aquarium for several happy years until she was released back into the wild and died of pneumonia.
Carrying shopping bags of snow.
Yes! Driving up, we saw cars driving with munecos de nieve on their windshield. Piper and Heidi stayed in the car, but I insisted on making one myself, in the Mexican tradition.
Here is someone else's. The person next door took a taxi up, which is quite common. Taco stands and taxis are present everywhere. There is indeed a taco stand just behind me, where we got some quesadillas and hot chocolate. You can also see (to the left) the search & rescue team practicing.
Check out that muneco!

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