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Bratfest III, Colorado, September 2010

As per the actual citation of Asteroid 7887 Bratfest (Discovered 1993 Sept. 18 by C. W. Hergenrother at Catalina Station): "Bratfest, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2003, is an annual Oktoberfest-style party organized by graduate students of the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory."

Bratfest has now expanded northward, and was celebrated for the third time in Boulder in September 2010 at the home of Marc & Joni Buie. Featured were plenty of fresh Wisconsin brats, tasty brews, fresh grilled corn, extremely local green beans, the famous Bratfest cheesecakes, and plenty of live music. The organizers and cooks did an awesome job: Marc & Joni, Diane Miller, Bill Merline, Constantine Tsang, Erika Barth, Nick Schneider, John & Jane Spencer, Norm Heinen, Pamela Batchelor, John Stansberry, and Chas Miller.

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Norm Heinen is the cornmaster.
Dan Durda is also the cornmaster.
Check out those teeth!
Amara Graps and Vija.
Quality butter! Well, quality and quantity.
Pamela Batchelor prepares.
Bill Bottke demonstrates how his moon, his hat, and himself are all in phase.
Diane Miller and Mark Bullock.
Gabo Nesvorny balances.
Craig DeForest and Alec.
Kevin McGouldrick shows off his cob.
The instigator! Bill Merline!
Cathy Olkin, Alan & Carole Stern.
Cathy and Alan disagree on where Pluto is.
Diane serves out the amazing cheesecakes.
Erika Barth.
Chas Miller imbibes.
Kim admires Joel's drumming prowess.
Paul Schenk.
Marc Buie fronts the band.
Scot Rafkin on keyboards and vocals!
Joel drumming up a mess.
Steve on bass.
Paul Starkis is enchanted.
Leslie young attempts to take a cross product.
Pamela and I engage in a shoot-out!
Carly Howett protects the beer.
Rachel loves corn.
Mongo does cleanup!
David Kaufman avoids the camera.
Bill Merline, Erika Barth, John & Jane Spencer, Nick Schneider.
John and Nick know how to PARTY!!!!
Con Tsang helps Hal Levison select a tasty brat.
Bratmaster Con.
Ka Chun Yu.
The never-ending supply...

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