Trip to Joshua Tree for Michele and Jamie's wedding

Michele and Jamie were gettin' hitched, so we watched it all happen. The festivities were in Joshua Tree, a phenomenally gorgeous place a few hours east of LA. They decided to get married midway through a trip to India. I was fully supportive of that idea, as were plenty of their other friends, so we all converged for the festivities. By the end, I'd fallen in love with nearly every single one of their friends, new and old.

Heidi, Piper, and I visited her family in LA beforehand, and Santa Barbara afterwards. Piper and her 'ceratops became very good friends during the trip.

Piper's comments on these photos:

"I really like the desert ones when we were looking for lizards because Henri loves lizards and I like the ocean part of the pictures with our sculptures. And I also like the pictures of the dog. And I really like the pictures of Cera[tops] and the museum. And the sculpture part. And the part with Heidi and Henri. And the picture of Henri with his favorite fruits and vegetables. Those are my favorite parts."

Also, check out Stephen and Rachel's photos.

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Joshua Tree -- Pre-wedding Festivities

Joshua Tree -- Wedding

Joshua Tree -- Post-wedding & Denouement

Santa Barbara, the Coast, and Back Home

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