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Corvallis High School '90 20th Reunion, July 2010

Reunion time! There were so many great people in our class and it was just amazing to hang out with all of you this past weekend. All of you have lives that are just so fun and interesting, and you're funny, and beautiful, and sweet, and I love all of you! And I want to go surfing, river rafting, snowboarding, moto-crossing, TV shooting, lobbying, and so forth with all of you. Compared with the 10th reunion (photos!)? Fewer dramatic surprises -- partly due to Facebook -- but everyone just seems more awesome. More fleshed-out, more sociable, fewer little cliques.

We got together Friday night at a club on Monroe St. Those who were up Saturday morning saw the new CHS building (c. 2005 -- RIP CHS Classic), and a few people met up at the Avery Park dinosaur bones for lunch. Dinner was at Reser (aka Parker) Stadium, on the OSU campus. Big thanks to LaReina, Georgeanne, and Moody for putting it on and getting us together in the first place!

All the photos here are publically accessible (i.e., you can be googled). If you don't want to be named lest colleagues / children see you in incriminating positions, just let me know and I'll change the caption or pull the shot.

Brief teacher report --

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Group Shots

Everyone! I count 58 of us here -- not bad for 20 years, and there were a few more who didn't make it Saturday.
Setting up for the group shot.
The over-achieving subgroup who made it up early Saturday morning to tour the new CHS.

Friday Night - Impulse on Monroe St.

Jody Brassfield presents herself as nearly guest #1 at the door.
Noelle Hashimoto and Mike.
Jessica Spiegel!
Truly, what's not to like about Amy Trautwein?
Casey Brennan loves mosaicing. And birds. And Jessica Spiegel.
How could have anyone guessed? I think this pic could have been taken in Bill Howry's freshman English class c. 1987. James Stephens always loves giving out the massages, although they're no longer free.
Although I understand they are free for Kira (Grey) Stephens.
Deja vu: Jodi Eden has changed both her first and last name and now is Breanna Harmon. But some things never change: in 1990 she was engaged to James Wills and -- well, now they're engaged again!
John Chesbrough is, I believe, an amazing amazing physics teacher in Bellingham. For anyone who missed Mr. Canan the first time around, I recommend checking out Mr. Chesbrough!
John Chesbrough and Traci Nelson.
Amy Butler documents the scene as sweetie Adam Ghozeil admires / allows.
Amy and James are mad about something.
Kira wants another massage. Or perhaps she's dreaming about new features for Microsoft Office, and then needs a massage.
Amy Trautwein is OPEN for business.
Jen Guynn allows me to photograph her, before we use her as a model to try out flashes.
Foot model!
Despite earlier successes, Brenda Rutherford eventually has failed to evade the camera.
Jason Dinwiddie, with Jenelle, both clearly identified. Though there was a bit of a Jason <-> Jay changeover here at some point.
Amy Callahan drums up some votes. Amy for Mayor! Cottage Grove! Accordians!
LaReina (Woods) Rula Starr and Jen Sanders!
LaReina's sweetie Ian.
Shawn Griebel and Jon Peterson.
Tanna (Bradley) Swann and Toby! Tanna has an amazing memory for songs from Mrs. Nelson's 5th grade music class at Jefferson, and was able to sing a complete versions of the Titanic song:

Oh it went down, oh it went down, down to the bottom of the.... Husbands and wives, little children lost their lives, it was sad, when the great ship went down!

She also remembered the spooky song about bones, but that one is too scary, so I'm not going to reprint it here.

Noelle Phillips.
Lesli McKibben glows.
Smoking section. Adults only, please.
Suzanne (aka Susan) Randle lights up! For all I know she's recorded a few tracks in Nashville about smoking too.
Ryan Fisher has changed dramatically over the years. Here, he is going through his communist era.
This is Ryan Fisher again, going through a pseudo-hippie stage. Amazing, isn't it?

Actually, I have no clue who this is. No one one does. It's some guy who crashed the party and told us something about working at the bar, but he sure didn't look to be working. He showed us some good tricks he can do with his hair though, that's for sure.

Stacy Barnhisel!
Stacy relates that her role in The OC was not her favorite. "But you should check out the Gilmore Girls. Or Privileged. Much better!"
Hilary Wells, like Stacy and many others, has a child-free night tonight. They'll make up for it tomorrow.

Saturday Morning - Tour of the new CHS

So, the Corvallis voters passed an $83M ballot measure about 10 years ago to tear down and completely rebuild CHS and Highland View. The new schools are really great, and have the bonus of not trapping thousands of kids in an earthquake. (I didn't know that Corvallis was known for earthquakes, but I won't argue with the end result.) Here we are wandering around the new school -- this is a big open area in the main inside courtyard.
Nicole (Muller) Real!
One of the few remnants of the original school! This is one of the balconies that was on the original CHS, facing 11th St. Now it's a box seat (think Muppet-style hecklers) in the auditorium.
Casey Brennan.
Jimmy Carr and Nicole Muller really check out that Spartan!
LaReina and her siblings still seem to have half the all-time track & field records. So cool.
LaReina's daughter, with Ian.
Ryan 'Chopper', with wife Catalina, who is named alliteratively after a drum roll called a paradiddle. Right on. Ryan's going to tell me it's not an alliteration, and he's right. Anyhow, Josephina is in the middle chewing on Sophie, the French giraffe, and we are all headed to the Old World Deli for some tasty veggie sandwiches to bring to Avery Park.

Saturday Afternoon - Avery Park

Georgeanne (Schultz) Windisch!
Georgeanne salutes, as only she can.
Now time for the cute kid photos. On the left is Hilary's daughter Elyse with Ryan and Catalina's Josephina.
Hilary and Elyse; Stacy and Harper; Ryan and Josephina.
Josephina's very interested in Harper.
Oh my god! Here is Harper. And check out Stacy -- she has as many different facial expressions as anyone can have in 10 seconds. (It's almost like she does this for a living.)
Jimmy Carr surfs, when he's not designing jet engines. Or having lunch in Avery Park next to the dinosaur bones.
Adam Ghozeil, with Lydia, and William. Amy Butler is nowhere to be found.
Amy Trautwein, Amy Butler, and Phung Hong.
Georgeanne knows who to talk to. "So, Jessica, I was thinking of going to Italy some time. Do you have any suggestions on, like, where I should go or what I should do?"
Harper's limbs stick out turtle-style.
Phung Hong and Pyper (her third).
Phung, Paul, Pyper, Brandon and Ben.
Indeed, the multitouch iPhone allows five people to play Angry Birds at once! William, Lydia, Ben, Paul, and Brandon, all family of Amy Butler and Phung Hong.
Adam Ghozeil and Lydia (both related to Amy Butler).
Hilary Wells and Elyse. As if Hilary doesn't see enough kids at work (she's a pediatrician), she now has them at home too!
Eden Durnford has been around pirates recently, so she is thinking of how she might get at Amy's pizza.
Amy does her famous Japanese Tentacled Singing 12-Legged Crab impersonation.
Eden does a bit of air bass.
Eden Durnford, James Stephens, and Kira Grey.
Tanna and Toby's son decides that dad's head needs a bit of cooling off.
Jimmy Carr is a structural engineer. So why not? The simulation said it would work!
Totally busted! Susan Randle gives her son Chance a demerit for garbaging those recyclable bottles.

Saturday Evening - Reser Stadium

In the evening, we head over to Reser Stadium (aka Parker Stadium) for dinner.
Josh and Robin Sanz.
Josh is an adorable guy, really.
Josh and Robin are intensely in love.
Being in the production business, Josh Sanz knows all the industry secrets to looking great on camera.
Shiloh Savage and Nicole (Hlavinka) Havranek!
Susan Randle.
Jimmy Carr and Bear (Kwabena Kondo) test the local water quality.
Phil Donovan's meatballs go uneaten as I take his seat. But I am noticed by Jennifer.
Phil Donvan and Ryan Fisher have been friends for decades, and even work together in the same 3-person office. Sadly, their friendship has taken a dramatic dive recently, as they were visually demonstrating during the evening.
Phil even hired his wife just to get the two of them back in order!
Will they ever be friends again? Only time will tell. Luckily they don't work in politics, where a bad grudge can live forever.
While they're off fighting, Jen Sanders takes care of Josephina.
Jolie (Morris) Rodriguez finds herself on the opposite end of the camera from where she is normally.
Phil and Jennifer Donovan.
Jen Sanders, with 18-y.o. Jordi eating away below her.
Ryan Fisher with Josephina.
Nova Sweet still wins the World's Tallest Classmate award.

"Henry: Anytime you want to cheat, just ask me or Lisa. xxoo, Nova." -- actual 6th grade yearbook endorsement from Nova to me.

John Chesbrough and Jody Brassfield.
Frank Connor: "When I hear Spanish, the only one that sounds right to me is Castejano. Well, Castellano, as they might say in Mexico." More recently, Frank has been in Louisiana saving baby sea turtles from the oil spill. Who can't love that?

Josh Sanz is distracted.

Jeff Tingey (!) -- is this really Jeff Tingey? Wow!

Mike Eckhardt: "Jeg vil gerne gore kaerlighed til dig. I would like to make love to you. In Danish. It's all I remember, but all that mattered."

Josh Sanz check out something up close on Jessica Spiegel.
Oh yes! Shocking! It's Casey Brennan and John Chesbrough!
JJ Starkey can't tell you what he does, when he's doing it. "I tell them I'm flying on business."
Jenny Sanders tries to separate me and Ryan.
Ryan Fisher: "Oh my god! My wife, when she left this evening, warned me not to get into any, um, situations..."
Annette Sweeney.
Jeff Tingey, Jay Dinwiddie, Kevin Berklund.
LaReina and Ryan Moody thank everyone (though really, we thank them -- it was an awesome weekend!)
Ryan's going on and on...
Jenny Sanders and Jody Brassfield are headed... but where?
Lesli McKibben.
Getting the band back together! It's Stevie Bassman together again for just one night! Rocking the Odd Fellows Lounge! Steve Thoennes, Chopper Fisher, Jessica Spiegel, and Mike Byrd.
Mike Byrd with sweetie Ilona.
Steve Thoennes and Ilona.
Steve Thoennes talks about probability functions, image analysis, and Queretaro.
Phil and Jennifer Donovan. Maybe Phil's thinking about Queretaro too. But we'll never know.
Amy Butler is still filming!
Casey Brennan has had enough! Enough!

Well, almost enough.

Kristal Freeman!
Marci Howard.
Georganne's network assistant, Kurt.
Amy Callahan and Jen Sanders.
Ron Humphries.
Jen surfs. Georgeanne is starting to learn the moves, here in the OSU football stadium, direct from San Diego.
Georganne chills.
I'm going on and on about something. Who knows what. Probably Pluto.
Jody Brassfield, Georgeanne Windisch, Jen Sanders.
Hilary Wells and Traci Nelson.
Jen Robertson Berklund and Kristal Freeman.
Toni Tucker.
LaReina, in a way.
James and Breanna.
Michelle Hunter Templeton and Tanna.

"What Corvallis needs is a pleasant shopping area with quality goods at excellent prices," says Tanna Bradley, a 7th grader at Highland View.

Or so says an interview with her in my 1986 middle school yearbook. Maybe that's why she moved to London instead.

Susan Randle is victorious!

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