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Cape Town and Western Cape, October 2014

We live in Pretoria, which is just north of Johannesburg. On the other end of the country is Cape Town, in the southwest corner of the country. Cape Town (and the province, Western Cape) is a different world than most of the rest of the country... more cosmopolitan, better educated, not controlled by the African National Congress (ANC), and more tourists (*). Heidi and I have both had short trips to Cape Town, but we haven't spent a lot of time in the area. So, when break time came at school, we decided it was time to spend a week down there. After taking the 2-hour flight to Cape Town, we stayed in Simon's Town with the penguins for a few nights, and then moved to Hermanus for a few more with the whales and sharks.

(*) Except for people going on safari, much of which is closer to our end than the Western Cape.

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Simon's Town and Penguins

Night-time Penguin-watching

Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope

Simon's Town and Headed North

Hermanus for Whales

Towards Home

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Henry Throop

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