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Chuck and Steph get hitched!

In Homer, beginning of September, 2011. We'd spent the last week in Anchorage and Seward, before driving the rest of the way across the Kenai peninsula to Homer to meet up with Steph and Chuck. Homer was awesome, as are the two of them. Congratulations!

Heidi took the ceremony photos while I was occupied, and a few photos here are by Michelle (as marked).

And don't miss: historic photos of Chuck and Steph on this very website!

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Finn finally gets to get out of the car and throw rocks on the Homer spit!
"And this, Piper, is a rock that burns!"
On the beautiful beautiful Homer spit!
Oh yes!
Chuck hitches a ride back home with Piper and Finn.
Check out that greenhouse!
Chuck comes up from the still below.

Pizza with the families

Gathering for pizza in Homer. Photo by Michelle.
Steph's aunt Bev.
Steph's mom Laura.
Steph's dad Peter.
Peter tries to talk Declan into going halibut fishing. Or eating pizza.
Peter and Declan.
Stephanie is very cute.
Signe discusses pizza.
Signe and Peter.

Around Fritz Creek and Homer the next day

In the morning, Chuck takes us on a tour of their new digs.
Heather and Steph just before their hair (and foreheads) are dyed.
Piper observes the very inclusive group of sanhill cranes.
"Don't mess with that old man fishing, Piper!"

Dinner at Chuck and Steph's

Cory, Jason, Piper, Pete, and Chuck all stare (at the grill?)
Chuck cooks the salmon. Note the barn, which used to be attached exactly where Chuck is right now, but they removed -- thus, the 'subtraction.'
Piper searches for raspberries.
Laura and Declan get to hang out some more...
Steff and Steph are definitely not discussing digging holes in the ground.
Alan, Greg, and two beers have surrounded Steph.
Cory dreams of Wisconsin.
Gathering for dinner: salmon, halibut, and more pizza! (Photo by Michelle.)
Terry glows after having salmon and beer.
Jason and Henry show off that new new 'Big Brother' shirt.
Finn is really into carrots.
Cory and Peter check the score.
Steff is harassed by Scott about her surfing skills.
Fin is intent on searching for more berries in the back yard.
Henry and Bev inspect the new woodwork in that house!
Heidi packs up cooking goods to make Finn's birthday cake (3-Sep-2009, sharing a date with Steph and Chuck!).
Moose! Moose! Sighted through the front window!!
'This moose kicks. And it is MAD!!', says Piper.
Steph's mom gives Chuck a bit of advice. Hmm...
Chris: "Martinelli's. Yeah, I used to get so drunk off of this stuff in college..."
Greg dreams of archiving.
Alan drinks self-consciously.
Steff come out from that hat.
Greg points out a stray hair...


Looking for mooses above Homer.


Walking over to the boat dock. Check out those boots!
Loading up the Stormbird!

Homer harbor.
Finn is fully waterproofed!
Keep the pale ale close at hand...
Ami and Matt.
Rachel and Jason.
Heading across the bay to Halibut Cove.
Alan grabs the camera!
Michelle, Terry, Signe, and Jason color coordinate beautifully.
Chris, Alan, Greg, Ami, and Matt...
I document the procedings. Photo by Michelle.
Here's everyone on the boat, except for...
... the ladies who are guarding the cakes! Plus Henry and Finn.
Clem Tillion was our Stormbird skipper.
He related Japanese war stories, while showing me the radar.
Jason and Heather admire Henry, while Declan hides.
Chuck and Steph walkin' the ramp at Halibut Cove!
Alan feels stimulated.
Henry and Kristin practice carrying the rings.
Piper takes us all on a dock tour.
Chuck chatting with his parents beforehand...
Down to business! All the ceremony shots are by Heidi.
Ring bearer!
Steph can slide the ring on easier now that Chuck has spit on it.
Peter has a few words to add...
I read a message from Chuck's parents Marshall and Carlota in Oregon, who could not make it.
"We wish we were at the celebration with you all and hope that you will toast to our health after you have cheered for Steph and Chuck's future happiness, and as they say in Spanish,..'Que vivan los novios, que sean felices, y que comience la fiesta!'".
Fin and I walk around the cove's boardwalk to meet some horses!
Check out those drinks! Unfortunately, the last bottle of smoked salmon vodka had just been finished off (no joke).
Hi mom and dad!
Jason takes a serious beverage from the bar. 2%!
Piper and Katia before they find jellyfishes.
Alison and Eric.
Heather gives a toast!
Now they've gone down to collect moon jellies! Fin tries to help.
Alison. We'd seen her taking her water taxi across the bay as we were fishing from the spit the day before.
Tasty tasty food at the Saltry!
Peter examines those moon jellies!
Katia and Piper have collected jars of them for every table!
Chuck and Alan compete.
Oh yeah...
Chuck gives rides!
Carrot cake from the very awesome Fritz Creek General Store / Post Office.
Check out the big jellies too! There were many many of them... some that looked close to 10 feet long (!).
Piper et al head home in Alison's boat (note the roofrack for transporting sea kayaks), while everyone else takes the Danny J.
It's a bit wet on the way back, but Jason's in charge, and Greg makes a beautiful mermaid.
Camped out below!
Coming back into the Homer harbor.
A minor shivaree...

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