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'Great Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn, December 2020

In early December 2020, I got a quick email from NASA's press office about the upcoming conjunction betwen Jupiter and Saturn. I did a bit of research on it and got back to them.

And then we got more requests, and more requests, and it became clear quickly that the public had a ton of interest in this event! Being at NASA, we were pretty ideally situated to starting talking to public about it, by responding to inquires about it. I worked with our media group (especially the amazing Alana Johnson). Over the next few days I did about 15 media interviews on the conjunction: ABC, CBS, Turkish News, NYTimes, CBC, NBC, Fox, a bunch of local and weather programs, and... Newt Gingrich's podcast. (He has a PhD in History, and was great to talk with.)

We did a show for NASA Science Live. This was a 30-minute program that went out live on NASA TV, where I talked with the host about the history of the conjunction, why it's awesome, how to observe it, and how to take photos. For the photos, we had previously asked the public to send us images, so we had a slew of great shots to use, which helped show the message that this conjunction could be easily viewed by anybody, anywhere. We had several thousand watching it live, and more than 2 million watch it on YouTube over the next couple of days. We also worked closely with Google on a Google Doodle which they ran on December 21, and was probably seen by hundreds of millions more. All in all an amazing experience.

Top questions I answered:

Below is the NASA Science Live show that I did. And below that are photos that I took, starting from well before the conjunction, until a few days after.