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DPS Meeting, Denver, October 2013

Between sessions (and sometimes during them), I spent much of my time at the 2013 Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in Denver carrying around a camera. After an extended delay (hey, DPS 2014 in Tucson is less than a month away!), I've edited them down to a manageable gallery of around 200 pictures, from the 3000 I started with. Thanks to everyone who let me follow them around at the meeting and let me put them up here too! The DPS community is great and I look forward to every meeting.

I've also previously put up photos from the Nantes 2011 and Puerto Rico 2009 meetings. And I must also acknowledge the inpsiration from the historic DPS photo archive put together by Dale Cruikshank and David Morrison, distributed to everyone who was at the 2006 Pasadena meeting.

I've also put this up as an album on Facebook (same photos, more social).

Henry Throop
Planetary Science Institute & University of Pretoria, South Africa

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Henry Throop

Last modified 26 Oct 2022