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Easter 2013, Pretoria

Just a few photos from Easter in South Africa.

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Dying eggs the night before. It's quite hard to find white eggs in South Africa... the best we could do were off-brown.
In the kale!
Piper finds a golden egg in the chicken coop!
Astrid likes chewing.
No one has seen these!
Piper goes to great heights to find a last remaining egg. (And yes, our house is decked out in such aesthestic grates, as is common in Pretoria.)
At Finn's request, I get out the Dremel tool and drill a hole in Finn's chocolate fowl. ("Daddy, can you screw the chicken again?")
Finn takes a break to transfer some freight.
Finn does love his crane.
Astro has not quite crawled yet, but is working on it.
Heidi makes extremely tasty popovers!
Finn sleeping with his currently favorite things: locomotive, crane, digger shirt, and my electric stapler.

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Henry Throop

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