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African Solar Eclipse, November 3, 2013

I watched the eclipse from our porch in Pretoria, South Africa. We were far from the central path, reaching only about 10% totality. Still, it was cool to see an eclipse! Photos taken with Nikon D4, with 200-400 f4 lens, with 1.4x or 1.7x teleconverters. I used a 1000x Mylar filter over the lens.

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The Sun through particularly thick clouds -- sunspots clearly visible. This is a single exposure -- the Nikon D4 has a huge dynamic range.
Phineas with the eclipse glasses.
Near maximum, with clouds and sunspots.
Eclipse with sunspots.
And a bird flies by! I didn't see this at the time I took the shot -- just afterwards.
Nearing the end of the eclipse... HDR shot taken as a composite of three frames taken sequentially. The HDR makes it look like what it really looked like through the viewfinder -- in this case the camera couldn't capture the full dynamic range in a single exposure, although I could see it all by eye.

Phineas with my camera....

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Henry Throop

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