Great Divide Mountain Bike Trip, June 2005

Several years back, HLT and AHT rode roughly 2/5 of the mountain-bike trail between the Canadian and Mexican borders. It follows the continental divide and is roughly 3000 miles long. JMT, Ann, and Bruce joined in to do the most recent segment, 10 days North->South across New Mexico. This was rougly 400 miles; I came along for the final couple of days, from Silver City to Antelope Wells. Most of the trip is on dirt roads; the final day is on a paved road. (But why is it paved in the first place? It's not like there's more than two cars an hour on it...) We had a sag wag along and traded drivers every hour or so. We saw a good number of people both hiking and biking the route, planning on doing however many miles they could in 4 weeks. After the ride, I took it easy driving back the 700 miles to Boulder.

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