Garden 2007

I've found that the two key factors to getting a garden to work in Colorado are a) water it a lot, and b) get it in by mid-May. As long as those are done, everything grows just fine.

We planted six different kinds of tomatoes from the Farmer's Market: Green/Yellow, Orange, Orange Cherry, Black/Pink, and two Reds. The green ones are real juicy; the pinkish ones are sweet and caramelized. All winners, except for the two reds, each of which are bland tasting and bit visually unexciting to boot. Neither Heidi nor Piper are big tomato fans, so I get them myself.

Other items include zucchinis, cantaloupes, and a whole lot of volunteer squash of various sorts. I should never plant squash, since I know they'll just come up themselves anyhow. The squash have pretty much suffocated the eggplants, broccoli, and peppers. Cantaloupes are doing OK. Chard, greens, strawberries, and raspberries are off in their own private bed and doing much better back there now that they don't have to mingle with the others.

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Henry Throop

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