Gujarat, India, February 2018

India is made up of 29 states, which cover a huge diversity of geography and culture. Rajasthan has deserts and palaces. Kerala has mountains and canals. Assam has high mountains and rhinos. Gujarat -- next to us, in Maharashtra -- lies just above sea level, and is flooded annually with sea-water, making parts of it into a huge salty basin.

We flew up from Mumbai, and spent 8 days driving around. over the 2017-2018 New Year. Highlights include the city of Bhuj (beautiful old buildings, hit by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in 2001), Mandvi (a beach area, with camels and a lot of handmade wooden boat-building), the famous Wild Ass Sanctuary (filled with wildness and asses, as advertised), and Gir National Park (lions and other creatures).

Most of the photos are mine, but a good number are taken by Piper, especially the ones of camels, Astro, and Finn!