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Going away party at NASA HQ, September 2012

During my time at HQ, we spent many lunches at DC's 50+ awesome food trucks (among them Sang on Wheels, Get Stuffed, PEPE, Fojol Bros, the cheesecake truck, Chupacabra, Carnivore BBQ... all edging out the ever-too-persistent Royal Chicken and Kebab). So how appropriate that Truckeroo was being held just a few blocks away on my last at work. .

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Truckeroo! For my going-away party from NASA HQ, we headed down the road to the once-a-month Truckeroo extravaganza. On a normal day, there might be a dozen food trucks at L'Enfant Plaza and one or two more right at NASA. But at Truckeroo, we probably had double the possibilities, not to mention live music and shorter lines. Here, Mark Sykes has come to pester HQ once again.
Jonathan Rall has the right outfit!
Max looks longingly at the vietnamese Banh Mi possibilities...
Kelly Fast is transfixed by the choices...
Heather heads straight to the custard truck, while I am reflected above her in her presense.
Truckeroo may not offer the views of the Capitol that the NASA roof does, but the tables are larger.
Janelle and Lil have showed up! (Note the Thievery Corporation flyers -- playing here, but sadly after my departure for Africa.)
Janelle enjoys her tasty sandwich.
Shawn Domogal-Goldman loves his meat-filled Puerto Rican sandwiches (courtesty of the Borinquen Lunch Box truck).
More custard...
Mary Voytek!
We had someone take our picture while leaving.

Mary: "Did you see that? When you walked up to him with the camera, he thought you were trying to take his pic, and he waved you away! I think he was probably someone famous!"

Forever it will be a mystery...

Check it out! Just before leaving, I was awarded the HQ's Jim Green Bobblehead Award! I got to keep Jim Green in my office for a week. Here, Jim has just landed himself on Gale Crater...
Poster by Jenny and Max! Astute observers will note New Horizons cruising past Saturn and Enceladus...
Ahh, the symbolism... three days after leaving HQ, I took this shot of the all-controlling center of the solar system (the Sun) rising behind the all-controlling source of NASA's funding (the US Capitol).

I'd been trying to take a photo like this for some time. What makes it hard is that there is only one place (well, a line) that the Sun and Capitol are lined up on, and it changes every day, and the event it's gone in a bit over a minute. Being urban most of the possible sites are blocked by trees or buildings, and there is very often some early-morning cloudcover on the horizon. Here, I plotted out my plan beforehand, and had set myself up at 6 AM near the Arlington Memorial Bridge. I waited, finally saw the Sun come up at 6:47 AM, and it was off by more than I hoped (a small fraction of a degree). So I raced up the hill about 100 yards, hauling the tripod and big lens across two lanes of traffic, set up again, and got it.

Anyhow, symbolism aside, thank you everyone at NASA for making my time there amazing.

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