Ski trip to Nokhu Hut, Thanksgiving 2006

Piper, Heidi, HLT, JMT, and I skiied in to the Nokhu Hut near Cameron Pass, a few-hr drive NE of Boulder. The hut is a 1.7-mile ski in, mostly on a 4WD road that can be steep. The hut itself is a tiny, prefab unit -- no sauna here -- in a nice bowl below some beautiful crags, around 10,000'. The obvious day trip is to Lake Agnes, about two miles further up the drainage. We spent two nights at the hut.

This was Piper's nearly-first time on skiis. (She's a bit over 4.) That part of the experiment wasn't much of a success, but the skiis at least did find more interest from her than the dino-footprint-styled snowshoes we also brought. She ended up walking most of the way instead, wich probably puts her a logical step ahead of many Boulderites, who inexplicably strap on their snowshoes to walk down packed trails they could navigate just fine in a pair of flip-flips.

Also: Heidi's first hut trip; Heather's first trip on her new skis; Mom's first ski of the year.

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Ski in

Tofurkey feast

Day trips around the hut...


Hut and tamales

Jumps at night...


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