Lisa Haney's birthday at Lakeside

We went to Lakeside for Lisa Haney's birthday. It's a beautiful place, 101 years old, and $8 admission today for all the rides you can ride. The Cyclone, Lakeside's classic wooden coaster, was sadly down for repair in preparation for its own 75th birthday.

Nevertheless, we did have a bit of excitement at the end, in the squirt-boat area. The ride operator was a 28-y.o. three-tour marine (2 in Iraq, 1 in Afghanistan) and had been telling us earlier about the time he had to walk into the middle of the lake to rescue a girl whose boat had died. Sure enough... we suffered a boat failure as well. Sgt's rope-handling skills weren't quite up to the task on the first half-dozen tosses, but eventually he went for outside help and the train op provided her able assistance.

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