Mapungubwe National Park, Limpopo, South Africa

HLT is in Namibia, and came down to visit. We drove up to Mapungubwe National Park, which is in SA right on the border with Botswana and Zim. It's extremely beautiful here, and seriously different than anywhere else in SA -- first time we saw baobobs, and there are a ton! But the main attraction is actually human history: the Kingdom of Mapungubwe was a large empire based here around 1000-1200 AD. They were large, and sophisticated -- it's very famous for a golden rhino which shows that they were quite far ahead of what archaeologists had thought African were capable of doing at the time. It was a kingdom with a government structure, agriculture, a city, and so forth. But not much is known, because there is resistance to doing excavation at the site.

It's a good drive away from Gauteng, but unique and really worth a visit.

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Henry Throop

Last modified 12 Jul 2019