Safari to Marataba, March 2015

After 9 years, it was about time, so Heidi and I got married last weekend. We decided to do a simple wedding at one of the safari lodges. It worked out to go to Marataba, which is a small lodge about three hours from Pretoria. It's inside the Marakele national park (famous for its Cape Vulture colony).

We were doing this quickly and the plan was not to tell the kids. We'd just go on safari for the weekend, and on one drive, stop, get off, and have an unannounced wedding.

Against the odds, we pulled it off, and neither Piper, Finn, or Astro had any clue what was happening until we were right there. The lodge did a great job of setting things up very quickly.

Marataba has no shortage of animals: very dense, with a lot of great sightings. We saw lions on every drive (and they weren't just sleeping -- a lot of interaction)... lots of ellies, a few rhinos, and two good groups of giraffes. Plus bat-eared foxes. No pangolins, no aardwolf or aardvark -- these were on our lists and still are -- but lots of everything else. Other people saw leopards but we managed to miss them.

Marataba does some good walking safaris, both for nature and for some old rock-art paintings they have in their mountains. And they have a boat ('Miss Mara') which is rare for the lodges.

I don't care about your pictures of elephants -- I just want to see the cute wedding pics, ok?