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Michelle Obama visit to Mexico City, 15 Apr 2010

Michelle Obama (aka 'FLOTUS', in the language of the State Department) came to do a meet-and-greet next downtown in Mexico City, for US Embassy personnel. This was her first solo official trip abroad.

Not shown are photos of the secret service dog with a bad case of diarrhea in the hotel lobby, alas. Also not shown is the secret service agent who proved himself a great inspector when he found my phone packed away in a tiny pocket -- I was convinced I'd lost it.

Michelle is great... she talked for about 20 minutes about why Mexico is good and thanking all the diplomats over and over for working there in spite of some difficult conditions recently. She was not as eloquent or commanding as Barack (aka POTUS) who came a few months ago... but she got to fill up more than the literally two minutes that he had. After talking, she talked with the kids, took photos with them, and then passed by the crowd, chatting and shaking hands.

See also my photos from Barack Obama's visit to Mexico a year back, in April 2009.

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Security outside. Or rather, across the street.
We're walking up to the Sheraton hotel where the event was. The US Embassy is right next door (not seen here).
Kids lining up...
She hasn't come out yet, but the kids are are all waiting.
Here's Ian, our neighbor. He was telling me a story of how he decided not to drive 10 hour to see President Bush (Jr) talk in Africa when Ian was working there a few years ago.
US Ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual. He's been working for about six months, and was born in Cuba.
And here's Michelle!
Diplomats get out their cameras and cell phones just as much as anyone else! And understandably, they did the same thing when Barack Obama visited as well.
Now she's going over to see the kids.
Piper is asking her about a) What can she do to save the world? b) How's Washington? c) Do you like your new house? [Answers: a) Give money to people who are helping to protect endangered animals. b) It's very fun. c) I love our new house!]
That would be the White House press crew following her around. The bald guy and the others by him are Secret Service (note that sexy earpiece!).
In fact, it's hard to take a photo of her without getting her agents as well. He's in every single one of the next eleven photos.
And here's Heidi and Piper!

Henry Throop

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