Mt. Neva, June 7 2009

David and I went up one of the snow couloirs on Mt Neva (12,814'), up the 4th of July trailhead in the Indian Peaks. There was lots of snow -- no rock at all in the 800' vertical length of the climb, with 45-degree snow or so. We spent the night halfway up below Arapahoe Pass to get a `Mexican alpine start', hitting the trail around 8:30 AM the next morning. It's about 8 miles round trip. We had a bit of snow on the descent but Boulder got dumped on by rain, so we were better off than that. On the way back, we checked out the new skatepark in Nederland, and picked up a hitchhiker with a palette full of long steel knives. He claimed to be commuting to his job at a hotel kitchen in Boulder, a likely story...

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Henry Throop

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