Climbing at Penitente, October 2004

Amy and I drove down to Del Norte (in, amusingly, southern Colorado), where we met up with Aaron and Steph and spent two days climbing at Penitente Canyon. The canyon was named for Los Hermanos de la Penitentes, a Catholic cult around the turn of the century.

Be sure to check out Amy's photos, and the cool timelapse movie of Aaron and Amy climbing beneath the painting of the Virgin.

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The sunset off of highway 285.
Amy demonstrating proper driving technique, with both hands on the wheel at all times. (But where are those keys?)
We reach Del Norte and the home of our fabulous hosts Heather, Ed, and Emily.
Heather has prepared apple rings, lasagne, samosas, and more than will fit in the camera's view.
Amy searches for sustinence, but it is not there.
Merlin and Cheryl, just before the Del Norte police kindly request them to move their 65' vehicle. (Dish, trailer, *and* golf cart in tow.)
Ed, Amy, Aaron, and Steph are all interested in something.
Steph tries Ed's ski pole trick (`Arms crossed; palms up.').
In the AM, the Penitente guidebook is searched.

Steph leads.
Steph scouts for bolts.
An unknown climber arises from the midst of the volcanic tuff.
This large, natural-colored bolt was installed by the WPA for safety purposes in the 1930's.
Amy demonstrating How the West was Won.

Amy's Nalgene contains an entire year of textbooks, micro-graphically reduced.
Steph starts her favorite climb of the trip (`It's all... crimpy!')
A trad route up the back of Razor Hueco Arete.
Steph is framed.

Aaron demonstrates excellent placement skills.
Amy's toes also accept black Aliens.

Steph on my favorite route (Show Her Your Stem).

A brief snowstorm sets in.

Aaron on Lunge for Jesus.
More lunging.
Still lunging.

Steph gets vertical assistance.

Aaron belays near the entrance, as the sun arises again.
Steph on Unknown.

Amy shoots.
An unknown mountain (Crestone Peak?) is documented by two photographers.

Henry Throop

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