Phineas, 1 month

Here's some photos of Phineas. He's about 3 weeks old at the beginning, and 6 weeks at the end.

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Heidi with Fin.
My sister comes and visits and does not have as many spots as the jirafe.
Phineas does a lot of looking around these days. His eyes are open and he likes to stare at things.
He is also good at listening.
And at making noise and eating.

His hands are very cute!

Looking very zen.
Heidi is looking up to find a clump of bees (massive!) in one of the trees. Sadly, it was removed the next day.
Now he is a US citizen! He had to get his passport photo taken twice: once for a regular passport, and once for his diplomatic passport.
It was a little hard to measure him because he doesn't like sticking his feet out! He likes curling up like a frog more.
One thing he does enjoy a lot is being outside. Luckily the rainy season in Mexico City is about over, so he can go outside and absorb more rays.
We took a field trip to Guanajuato, where I gave a talk. The University of Guanajuato is the main white building just to my right, which has a 14" telescope on top of it (just barely visible above the red sign which advertises the Cervantino, which is the city's month-long annual homage to Miguel Cervantes and Don Quixote). All the astronomers, though, are off at their own building, which is on the ridgeline at the top of the city.

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