Making of Palace of Horror, September-October 2017

A few photos from behind the scenes making the short film Palace of Horror, part of the Field Guide to Evil compliation put together by Alamo Drafthouse. Ashim Ahluwalia was one of eight directors.

I'm so grateful to Vishi and Vinny for asking me to be in the project, coaching me through my non-existent acting skills ("You're going to be great, we promise!") It was amazing to watch Ashim in action and I appreciate him letting me be involved. And the whole crew, from caterers to chaiwallas to lighting techs to monsters to guys carrying atmospheric smoke... everyone was so good. I feel so lucky to everyone for inviting me and helping it to happen. Yes, even afer I inadvertently caused the production a one-month delay between shooting days 2 and 3...

No captions and story for now. I'll fill in the details in due time -- for now, just wanted to get these out before I leave India! All of the photos are from my phone... no big camera, since I had a job to do!