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Sarah, Alexander, and Harrison Visit Mexico City, Apr 2010

My fabulous cousin Sarah and her two kids visited Mexico City for four days -- woo-hoo!! Trips included the Teotihuacan pyramids, the Xochimilco canals, a night of Lucha Libre, a metro trip to the Zocalo, plus easter eggs, and a few mercados: one for food, and one where our taxista said we could buy baby leones and tigres up until the existence of the Endangered Species Act... dammit, all they have for sale now is puppy dogs and parrots. And pigeons, should you want to buy a herd of pigeons and not be able to find any locally.

Assistant photographer: Harrison. Second assistant: Sarah. Third assistant: Xochimilco photo boat man.

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Bringing two boards with him on the plane, Harry quickly starts doing jumps in the driveway.
Piper soon follows...
Sarah and Fin!
Harry does some Wii with Piper.
Sarah is horrified by what she has just bought at the Ciudadela ('It was a fake weapon, unlike the sword he really wanted...'). This store sells all the mariachi instruments you might want.
We -- along with 5000+ others -- are in line to climb the Pyramide del Sol at Teotihuacan. Here we're actually already halfway up, but still in the queue.
The line for the Pyramide de la Luna was much shorter...
Alex with his elote in Xochimilco. Fin checks out the 20-peso Ray-Bans...
... but prefers the 15-peso corn.
And Sarah finds a beer-based beverage she really likes! The Xochimilco micheladas have a liter of Corona, mixed in with a half cup of chili powder, Valentina hot sauce, lime juice, and salt. Oh, and some clam-and-tomato juice in this one too. And all for three bucks. Stereotypes aside, Mexicans of Mexico City (that is, chilangos) drink a lot of Corona, love mariachis, and own a lot of chihuahuas.
Wingspan test!
Heidi and Fin prepare quiches for easter brunch. Fin appraenlty loves eating raw, uncooked, unpeeled eggs.
Mistico ruido and Mistico tecnico face off in black and white after five bouts of Lucha Libre at Arena Coliso.
And in Mexico, Polaroids still exist if you can find the photo boat...

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