Pragyan Tech Fest, NIT Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India, March 2017

I was invited to give a talk at the 'Pragyan' festival, which is a student-run science and technology festival at the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchirappalli (usually 'Trichy', thankfully). This was a three-day event with a bunch of fantastic speakers (one Nobel chemist, a medival linguist, a global warming scientist, an Indian Mars mission director...), as well as dozens of competitions and exhibitions. Everything is student-run -- they recruit speakers, ask corporate sponsors for donation, do publicity, and drive people around. Trichy is in the heart of S. India -- state of Tamil Nadu. The students are progressive and sweet and hard-working, and I loved coming down there for the weekend to be with them. And thank you Heidi for taking care of the kids so I could be gone one more weekend!

NB: These are all iPhone photos since I accidentally left my big Nikon at the security checkpoint when leaving Mumbai! But sure enough, I e-mailed the aiport lost & found when I was on the trip, and it was waiting for me when I came back.

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