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Phineas Harrison H., 3-Sep-2009

Here is R. N. (*) Phineas Harrison H., born September 3, 2009 in Mexico City. He's doing well, as is Heidi. He made a lot of noise when he came out (C-section; not by choice) so he's got healthy lungs. 6 lb 8 oz, or 2.95 kg. "That's three Pipers!", says Heidi. I got to come into the ER and take photos. He has triple citizenship (Mexico / US / Australia), but as yet has not chosen a preferred language.

We all came home from the hospital (the 'ABC Medical Center,' which sounds like a strip-mall blood bank, but is actually Mexico's finest hospital) after 48 hours. Heidi is fast! Now he's at home, where he mostly sleeps and eats. He's had his eyes open more and more, and occasionally will hang out and watch, but usually he's content to nap.

Notes on the name: Harrison was my dad's middle name. According to the US Census, Throop has 1558 individuals in the US, plus a concrete company (; it is an invented name - see the history. Of those people with Heidi's last name, there are just 203 (now 204), plus a plumbing company in Cleveland, and a city in central Germany. As for Phineas, the census web page tells me: "Phineas is not in the top 1000 names for any year of birth in the last 9 years. Please enter another name." But famous Phinea in history include Phineas/Phileas Fogg of 80 Days fame (his name varies in different translations), P. T. Barnum, and Phineas Gage, a medical oddity of the 1800s (he lived for 12 years after having a crowbar pass through his brain, and was actually hired by P. T. Barnum as a sideshow act). Phineas was also a mythic Greek king, son of Poseidon, who guided Jason and the Argonauts through a pair of tricky crashing rocks in the Bosphorous.

(*) recibe nombre, i.e., receiving a name. But the nametags list him as R. N. The paperwork also lists my occupation as Gastronomo, for whatever that's worth.

These photos have moved -- email me for the secret location.

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