Observing at Sutherland, December 2014

I applied for a week of time on the 1-meter telescope at Sutherland, South Africa. This isn't a large telescope by today's standards, but it's enough to measure the brightness of tiny rocks far from the Earth. I went out with my Honours physics student, Dan Morris, for a week in December 2014. We used it to take light-curves of a handful of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) that were close, bright, and unstudied. We had great weather, which usually meant that I would have been at the telescope observing... but thanks to having him there, I was able to take some night-time photos as well.

This work was funded by NASA, and was done in collaboration with Vishnu Reddy (also at PSI).

This was my third trip to Sutherland since we've been in South Africa, and the first trip where I didn't get snowed on... check out the photos from my other observing trips.