Santa Barbara September 2006

We traveled down to Santa Barbara for Bert's 90th bday. Bert is Heidi's dad. For kicks, there are some photos of Heidi's bday a few days earlier as well. (Birthdays in August/September are an H-bach tradition, apparently -- Piper's was a few days before that, and there's a new kid just born to Heidi's brother, too.)

We checked out the Farmers' Market as well. No star-fruit, but plenty of other produce items including sapote, kumquats, cherimoya, figs, guava, pistachios, olives, alligator-pears, etc, not to mention the dozens of heirloom tomatoes. Oysters, too.

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Heidi's Bday #35, Boulder

I help Piper decorate the cake.  It was supposed to be chocolate, but Piper
picked raspberries and wanted to put carrots in too.  I nixed the eggplant. Huh?  It's not Piper's bday.  Whatever. Here is a goat that Piper gave to her mommy for her bday.  One goat is peeing,
and the other is pooping.  Woo-hoo!  Go goats!

Santa Barbara Farmers' Market

Bert H-bach Bday #90 and associated festivities

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