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DC Snowstorm, Jan 26-27, 2011

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Heidi and Jamie walking down 34th during the power outage.
Among all vegetation we saw, bamboo proves itself least suitable for snowy conditions.
John Eaton Elementary had power, even though we did not.
One of several cars pushed.
"Hey -- it's the Nat Cat!" says Jamie. I was hoping it'd be dark due to the outage, but alas.
Snow was coming down hard here, and it was a real struggle to keep the lens clear, while trudging through the snow. I found that photos from further back were better than close up though -- too close and there was no snow falling! Moving further back added to the difference between forground and background.
I talked with the guy whose windows got smashed out. "I was just about to go out in five minutes and get my fresh shirts from the car! Then my son heard a soft crash..."
Four hours after it's been called in, Pepco is on the scene repairing our downed lines.
I'd seen a big flash coming from this intersection when the power went out. The repair people said there were 2000 people out due to this break, and 150,000 thoughout the area.
They spent close to four hours fixing our intersection. "I've been on the job since 6 AM. And this is a three-truck job, let me tell you... we've had sixteen issues to fix up just on this block. All those trees down the street -- we had to cut them or they'd take all these lines right back down."
Heidi warms up at home with a toasty fire and headlamp.
AT&T 3G wireless still works during the outage!
Jamie is a bit two-faced.
In the morning, sledding at 'Suicide Hill,' Washington International School. "Why was it called Sewer-Slide Hill?" asks Piper.
Danna appears to get a bit of an unfair start on Connor.
The amazing sign.

Piper: Henry, what does that sign mean?

Me: Um, it's really weird. It basically says, no sledding allowed, except if you really want to.

Piper: I really want to sled!

Fin basically tolerates his sled ride behind the house.

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Henry Throop

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