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Sri Lanka December 2013

We had a few weeks around Christmas free, and living on the far side of the world, wanted to take a trip. Heidi said she wanted to go to some beaches and relax. I wanted to go to India. Finn wanted trains. Piper wanted some animals. Astro wanted her blankie.

After some research and debate, our friends Jamie & Michele in India said that we should not come there ("INDIA IS NOT RELAXING!!!"), but pointed out that Sri Lanka was nearby, small, manageable... and had both beaches and a great network of old trains crossing the country. Decision made!

Sri Lanka doesn't have nearly the number of tourists as India, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. A lot of that is from people staying away after the civil war with the Tamil Tigers, which slowed down in 2002 but didn't officially end until 2009. However, it is definitely over now, and it's a safe and friendly country. Most of the conflict was in the north (adjacent to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu), which is less developed than the south where we were. Perhaps as a result, foreign investment in Sri Lanka is very light: the country was nearly free of any foreign chains.

I took somewhere north of 9,000 pictures on the trip -- a record for me, although admittedly at three weeks this was also a record trip. This gallery here is edited down to about 3% of those.

Thanks also to my Sri Lankan friend at PSI, Nalin Samarasinha. He helped us out quite a bit in planning the trip, and corrected a lot of the errors I managed to work into the photo captions.

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