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Xmas in Oregon, December 2011

We went out to Oregon for a week. A few days in Corvallis, then a few on the coast, then a drive up to Portland via Tillamook.

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Piper and Finn checking out the cockpit after arriving in Chicago (en route to PDX).
Fin is very much into pulling his weight. Even if that is actually Piper's backpack there.
Look familiar?
At JMT's for breakfast -- check out that stollen!
There's always room for threetwo in the rocker.
Check out that teapot! (Fin also painted a cup for Mom, not pictured.)
Finn loves my new Slinky.
Here they are all awake in the back.
Walking the beautiful Throop Loop trail outside of Corvallis, named for AHT.
Finn examines some lichen.
Show me your teeth! Teeth! Theeth! Teeth Teeth!
Heidi is very cute!
Yellow carrots are the most amazing in the world! Super crisp. Not woody. I would eat them all day long. Piper already did.
JMT shows off her freshly rotted kimchi !
Piper goes fishing for horseradishes.
Got one! (Or is it a yellow carrot?)
Then we ground up the horseradish and ate it. I hadn't done that before, but the deal is that horseradish is so much more packed with volatile organics than, say, onions. It's a real trip to the eyes / nose / sinuses. Highly recommended.
Piper uses that German engineering to grind up corn for polenta for dinner. (OK, it was supplemented later by the electric grinder -- but they did get a few cups out of it manually.)
JMT and Piper play the piano.
In a Phantom-inspired moment, Piper works on her 'Music of the Night.'
Finn loves to help!
A common scene: trains, iPad, and Finn with his face on the floor.
Ooo! Tree planted by AHT c. 2001.
We drove in style. Nice black Lincoln Town Car, courtesy of Budget PDX at the two-door price. We're in Chuck's driveway here.
Carlotta and Fin!
Chuck's dad Marshall.
Marshall and JMT examine plants.
All parents, kids, and trains must sleep, as we head out to the coast.
In Seal Rock, with Alex's house in the background and rain in the foreground, we walk down to the beach via the twisty hidden path.
It's raining, and it's winding, so let's go walk through some mud to a bog and watch the rain some more. I love the Oregon coast!
Almost to the beach.
It is extremely windy on the coast! Quite incredible, really.
HLT and HH balance.
Recreating a classic AHT pose.
Alex & JMT, dark, grey, blurry, and wet.
Piper gets blown downwind.
We navigate up a twisty package back to the house.
At the aquarium, Fin almost notices the flying fish above him!
Jellies at the aquarium.
The hagfish. Piper made up one of these for me the night before while playing Cranium. It looked like a piece of poop to me, but I was somehow supposed to guess what it was. I failed, because what she'd written it down as was actually a HANKFISH.
One of Finn's favorite parts at the aquarium.
Heidi does a good job of rescuing Finn.
Aquarium is just across the barking lot from the Rogue World Domination Embassy Headquarters of Ministry.
Piper is about to conquer.
Driving south around Waldport.
Sea Lion Caves! OK, I was there c. 30 years ago. It is virtually unchanged since then. However, the winds when we were there broke in half and blew over one of the parking lot signs (not this one).
HTL gets blown downwind approaching the sea lions.
Where am I??
It was late, stormy, cloudy, and the end of December, so it was pretty darn dark in there. Hard to see any sea lions naked eye. But they were actually there.
They were admittedly pretty hard to see w/o the camera.
Piper walks up the stairs (actually, the old entrance, pre-elevator), where the Heceta Head lighthouse is across the bay 1/2 mile or so (that's its light). It's now a B-and-B.
30 years ago, AHT received a Sea Lions Caves bumper sticker 'littered' onto his car, which he tore off and left in their parking lot. Fortunately for commercialism, they are still distributing the exact same stickers, though they now have adhesive (not wire), and they're free (not unsolicited)
At Alex's house: trains!
Preparing that polenta and chili!
Trains . . .
iPad . . .
HLT in the AM.
I follow Finn around as HLT and Alex are beach cruising. PDB / JMT are also out, a bit ahead of us. This was early in the morning, before the winds picked up to full gale force again.
There were also some amazing dogs here!
Very cool slobber dog beach ball run chase CHOMP!
Now we have encountered Heidipiperjmt.
HBT: "Fin, who is this here?"

HBT: "That's me!"

PHH: "Me!"

At the Hatfield marine science center, Piper feeds everything.
Uh oh! Emergencia de medusa!
Newport is the very proud new home of the NOAA fleet, seen through the door of a fish processor on the other side of the bayfront.
No sea lions on the docks! But luckily a few were on the rocks. (I think we could see four of these by eye -- it was pretty foggy and windy.)
Driving along the coast back to Seal Rock.
Alex's house at night.
More trains!!
A bit of disaster tourism before we head off: the houses at Bayshore, just south of Seal Rock. Many of the ones right along the beach were covered in a lot of sand, courtesy of the windstorm a few days earlier.
Finn watches some glass-blowing action!
Glass blow!
Bit of deceptive advertising here, as there was no insect at all. And I happen to know that the world's largest insect lives in Rhode Island anyhow. But the gift shop (at Cape Foulweather) did have great views, which were not advertised.
Driving toward Tillamook.
Cheese factory!!!!!!
Well, this is another Tillamook cheese factory. It was advertised as the 'Blue Heron French Cheese Company.' But it turns out that they don't make any cheese there. They have one brie that's under their label. "Well, they make it for us in Wisconsin and ship it out here. But it's our recipe." Scam-o-rama. The real cheese factory of Tillamook is right down the road. This place is really just a tacky gift shop and a petty zoo with some shaggy cows.
Finn eats snow, on the pass between Tillamook and PDX!
Piper preps a snowball. Photoshop edits by Piper.
Piper preps a snowball!
Heidifinn at Reed!
"Big bite, Fin. Big bite!".- Heidi encouraging Finn to finish his hot dog. But Finn interpreted it differently, and sunk his teeth into his mom's kneecap.
5 AM New Years morning, Finn is still carrying Piper's books around.

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