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On Safari in Yala, Sri Lanka, with a sloth bear, November 2021

We've been in Sri Lanka for three months now. There's been a COVID-related quarantine for much of that time, so we have pretty much been locked at home. But now the cross-provincial travel bans are easing, and it was time to go on safari.

We'd spent three weeks in Sri Lanka a bunch of years ago, and spent a day during that trip at Yala National Park. But living here, we figured we'd go on a longer trip. We headed to Wild Coast Lodge, which is actually run by a Sri Lanka-owned tea company (Dilmah).

Yala is Sri Lanka's most well known national park. It's on the southern coast, and has historically been used as a hunting grounds and for pasture. The climate is much drier than Colombo. Big draws for Yala are leopards (allegedly the highest density in the world -- but I think many places claim this), and SLOTH BEARS! Sloth Bears are also found in India, but we looked and never found any. So they were at the top of our list to find.