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News updates:

August 2021: We have moved to Colombo, Sri Lanka -- a beautiful island, undergoing a severe economic crisis.

August 2018: We've moved to DC again. After working with the New Horizons team through the Arrokoth flyby (January 1, 2019), I've returned to NASA HQ, where I'm a Program Scientist in the Planetary Science Division.

August 2015: We've just moved to Mumbai, India. I am continuing my work with PSI and SwRI, and teaching some astronomy locally at Saint Xavier's College.

February 2013: I'm in Pretoria, South Africa. I am affiliated with PSI, though continue to work on New Horizons and other projects at SWRI. Also, I'm on the faculty at the University of Pretoria, where I'm working to start up their astronomy program.

January 2012: I am working at NASA HQ as the program officer for two programs: Cassini Data Analysis and Participating Scientists (CDAPS), and Origins of Solar Systems (OSS).

June 2011: I am now in Washington, D.C., working at PSI. I am no longer at SWRI, but continue to work on many SWRI projects.

May 2008: I'm on sabbatical at the Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM, Mexico City through 2009.

August 2007: The History Channel has put together a documentary in which I (and others) discuss Pluto and New Horizons. (Is Pluto a planet or not? The answer is yes, although for sociological and historical reasons, not scientific ones.) The show is called "Outer Planets" and is part of their series "The Universe." Show first aired in August 2007, and has been seen in re-runs during 2008.

October 2003: Cassini has departed from SWRI and I am working on the New Horizons mission to Pluto.

December 2000: I've left CU and moved down the street to SWRI to work on Cassini rings observations at Jupiter (December 2000) and Saturn (July 2004-).

May 2000: PhD thesis available online

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