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Astrid Ruth H., 29-Jun-2012

Here's Astrid! She was born on June 29 and is very cute. Perfectly healthy too, with purple feet and a lot of hair. She is a bit of a screamer but not too bad -- Heidi has been doing a great job at feeding her, which is Astrid's main source of entertainment. She is also a very powerful kicker -- legs just like a frog, and she is much stronger than Finn was.

Finn was a little hesitant at first ("FINN NOT SHARE TRAINS BABY!"), but he's come around and is very gentle with her. Piper is awesome too.

When we left the hospital, she was nameless ("Baby Girl H.", according to the birth record). It turns out that even if we wanted to give her a name, they couldn't finalize all the paperwork because it had to be notarized, and the hospital's notary doesn't work on weekends. So after a week of intense discussion, we came back to the hospital still nameless, got some lunch, and finally decided on Astrid. Runners-up were Emmette, Rowan, Harper, and Harlow, but we ended up with an Astrid, which I like very much. Ruth is the name of Heidi's mother and grandmother.

Statistics on Astrids are hard to come by, since it's below the top-1000 names in the US. But not so in Sweden, where it hits #30 . It also hit #80 for births in Puerto Rico during 1995.

As far as other famous Astrids in history, the most well-known is Queen Astrid of Sweden (1905-1935), followed closely by Pippi Longstocking author Astrid Lindgren. There is a large asteroid 1128 Astrid. As for alternate spellings, singer Astrud Gilberto has a Brazilian variation on the name, and Astride can also refer to a class of French locomotives, so there are many possible career paths in her future.

Note that the name is apparently not otherwise astronomical in origin, as the 'ast' part is a Norse root, not Greek as in 'astronomy.'


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