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FameLab Astrobiology, DC March 9, 2012

Photos from Astrobiology FameLab held in Washington DC. The first set of talks was held at NASA HQ in the morning, with the winners having a talk-off at the National Geographic auditorium later that evening. Several of those winners will go on to the finals at AbSciCon on April 16 (Livestream), and the winner from that to FameLab International finals later in the year.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

All photos by Henry Throop (PSI / NASA HQ).

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Intro, MC's, judges, venue, and hosts

MC's Daniella Scalice and Shawn Domagal-Goldman start off the morning at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA HQ in Washington, DC.
The judging panel at NASA HQ: Nikki Lowry, Bill Margol, Linda Billings, and David Grinspoon.
Nikki Lowry, Director of Film Marketing and Outreach, National Geographic Giant Screen Films
Bill Margol, VP of Development, National Geographic Television and Film.

Linda Billings, research professor, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs.

David Grinspoon, Curator of Astrobiology, Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Auditorium in the morning round.
The auditorium at the National Geographic Explorers Hall, Washington DC, for the evening round.
Mary Voytek, Director, NASA Astrobiology program
Jim Green, Directory, NASA Planetary Science Division

Paul Mayeur (RPI)

Paul Mayeur, grad student, RPI

Thomson Mason Fisher (Washington State)

Thomson Mason Fisher, grad student, Washington State.

Seth Baum (Penn State)

Seth Baum, grad student, Penn State

Hillary Stacey (Montana State)

Hillary Stacey, undergrad, Montana State

Andy Frick (George Washington)

Andy Frick, GWU

Becky McCauley (Penn State)

Becky McCauley, Penn State

Emilee Bargoma (JPL)

Emilee Bargoma, grad student, JPL

Noah Hammond (SETI)

Noah Hammond, SETI Institute

Gus Ramirez (USC)

Gus Ramirez, USC

Khadouja Harouaka (Penn State)

Khadouja Harouaka, grad student, Penn State

Julia DeMarines

Julia DeMarines

Hitesh Changela (Naval Research Lab)

Hitesh Changela, postdoc, Naval Research Lab

Nicole Yunger Halpern (Lancaster University)

Nicole Yunger Halpern, Lancaster University

Gabriella March (UW Madison)

Gabriella March, grad student, UW Madison

Ziming Zhao (Georgia Tech)

Ziming Zhao, grad student, Georgia Tech

Robert Aboukhalil (Cold Spring Harbor Lab)

Robert Aboukhalil, grad student, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Avi Mandell (Goddard)

Avi Mandell, NASA Goddard

Justine Sauvage (U. Rhode Island)

Justine Sauvage, grad student, U. Rhode Island

Josh Stern (Georgia Tech)

Josh Stern, grad student, Georgia Tech

Jim Mueller (UND / PSU)

Jim Mueller, UND / Portland State

John Kirkpatrick (U. Rhode Island)

John Kirkpatrick, postdoc, U. Rhode Island

Heather Graham (Penn State)

Heather Graham, grad student, Penn State

Brendan Mullan (Penn State)

Brendan Mullan, Penn State

Ken Mankoff (UCSC)

Ken Mankoff, grad student, UCSC

Storyteller Beth Horner

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